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Wood Bicycle Fenders
by Lee Grandprey


Wood Bicycle Fenders by Grandprey are made by hand in San Diego California by Lee Grandprey of Grandprey and Associates. (www.grandpreyandassociates.com) All Fenders are made to order. I use leftover material from other jobs when I can. I have reused lumber from salvaged hardwood doors, millwork and flooring when requested.

On my days off I enjoy riding bicycles and exploring the city and region of San Diego. Building bicycle fenders was simply a merger of two things I really enjoy. It also came out of a need for fenders on a custom built bike. I was unable to find a set of metal fenders that were thin enough to fit between the fork blades of a bicycle that I custom built, therefore, I built my own set. They are still on that bike that was built in December of 2009.


Mahogany fenders mounted to a custom built Raleigh commuter.





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